Davigdor Road

Davigdor Road, Hove
Scale: 2 storey new build house
Status: In planning

Yelo have submitted a planning application for the erection of a 2 storey, 3 bedroom new build dwelling on an underdeveloped site in a residential area.

Externally the facade is clad in red brick, with a darker brick pattern producing a more contemporary aesthetic while still fitting in with the material palette of the surrounding properties. A false pitch roof has also been designed to match with the forms found on the street. To eliminate overlooking concerns there are no windows on the first floor that face the neighbours – skylights and street facing windows are used to provide ample natural light into the space instead.

The build will be sunken below street level and sit below the adjacent building heights to have minimal impact on it’s neighbours.¬†Over 50% of the proposed development site will be made up of high quality outdoor amenity space (approximately 80m2).