Hawkhurst Road

Hawkhurst Road, Brighton
Client: Private
Scale: 2 houses
Status: In planning

The existing site is occupied by a single 3 bedroom dwelling with a side extension with a combined footprint of 93m2 on a 551m2 site area. We propose to demolish the existing side extension and erect two semi-detached family dwellings, with allocated parking and rear fenced gardens. In addition to improving the landscaping, a porch will be added to the existing house. Each dwelling will have two bedrooms.

Designed to continue the line of the existing terrace, the scheme will not disrupt the current street pattern. Care has also been taken to ensure that the new extended terrace of houses will not encroach too much to the south, leaving the point where the road curves un-crowded with plenty of space for planting, thus maintaining the pleasant leafy character of the road.