Old Shoreham Road

Old Shoreham Road, Hove
Scale: 2 bedroom house
Status: In planning

We are developing an unused and dilapidated garage within a residential area into a 2 storey, 2 bedroom dwelling. Though the site is currently only occupied by a single garage there is ample space, and our design includes off road parking, bin and cycle storage, a front garden and 95m² rear garden.

Externally our design is a contemporary addition to an otherwise 20th century style street. The design takes inspiration from the existing buildings’ architectural proportions and materials. Red brick that is prominently featured in the surrounding buildings will be interspersed with light buff brick. The north and south elevations (which face the neighbouring properties) are windowless to eliminate overlooking issues. Large bay windows and skylights provide ample light into the property instead, and a green wall on the north elevation will soften the visual impact on the neighbours.

The ground floor of the house features an open plan living area which opens up into the rear garden, as well as storage space and a toilet. The first floor cantilevers over the front face of the ground floor, providing shelter to the front access of the house. Large bay windows and a skylight in each of the first floor bedrooms ensure they receive ample natural light.