7 things presentations


Yelo have an annual tradition called 7 Things, which we immensely enjoy and recommend to all. Based on the PechaKucha format, where 20 slides are presented for 20 seconds each, everyone presents 7 slides on anything they like. The intention is to share some of our out of work interests/what we’ve been up in the past year, and usually results in the discovery of some very interesting tidbits!

This year was no exception – we found that our newest starter, Alex, is a deft furniture designer & carpenter, Sebastian harbours an incredible passion for biscuits (and is not at all a fan of bourbons), and Tom is part of a team fabricating a custom motorcycle.

Alex’s custom designed and made chair

In addition to our presentations we took a look back at some of the stats and highlights of the last year which revealed some impressive numbers! 32 planning applications for new projects were submitted in 2017, 13 projects started on site and 11 finished construction.

Sebastian’s hands on biscuit taste tests