A bit about brick


After recently having recently been looking at uses of brick for one of our housing projects in Hove I was reminded of these two masters of experimental brickwork. The Uruguayan architect and engineer Eladio Dieste created these amazing self supporting brick vaulted structures, spanning huge distances with a single layer of brick. Dieste’s brick structures are incredible to look at and its amazing to think they were built before the days of computer engineering. Another more modest example is this facade of Alvar Aalto’s experimental brick house, built up like a patchwork of different brick patterns. Both designers manage to take the standard form of a brick, and turn it in to something quite amazing.

By Joe @ Yelo

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Above: Atlantida Church, Eladio Dieste

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Above: Atlantida Church, Eladio Dieste

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Above: Experimental brick house, Alvar Aalto

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Above: Atlantida Church, Eladio Dieste