Planning secured for large residential development in Hove


Brighton and Hove’s first virtual planning committee finally saw our Newtown Road housing scheme granted after a long wait of 18 months! Great work from the whole team to secure planning on this landmark brownfield redevelopment.     Yelo Architects have gained planning approval from Brighton & Hove City Council for the creation of 148…

MMC | Insulated Concrete Forms – Why choose ICF?


ICF, or Insulated Concrete Formwork, was developed in the 1930s and has risen in popularity over the years due to its straightforward process and impressive energy performance. In ICF construction specialist foam blocks are pieced together, much like LEGO, to form the shape of the building and reinforced with rebar. These blocks serve as a…

Sussex Architects – Modern Contemporary Architect Practice


Yelo Sussex Architects Defining what the difference is between modern and contemporary architecture is almost impossible. Added to this that there is both interior and exterior architecture, and the lines between the two become even more blurred. Sussex architects often have what is known as a modern contemporary architect practice, so people don’t have to worry…

What is the RIBA Plan of Work?


Created by RIBA,  internationally recognised professional body for architects in the UK, the RIBA Plan of Work organises the construction process into 8 stages and breaks down those stages into separate tasks and outcomes.      Architects and others in the construction industry use the Plan of Work as a framework to adhere to from a projects conception to completion….

MMC | SIPs – Why build with Structural Insulated Panels?


Structural Insulated Panels, or SIPs, are constructed of an insulating foam core that is sandwiched between two panels of structural board. These panels are custom made in factories and light-weight while structurally strong, consequently making them popular within modular construction. Once the building design has been completed SIPs are manufactured off-site and then transported to…

MMC | Modular Construction – What you need to know


A modular building needs to be designed as such from the very beginning of the architectural process in order to take advantage of the many benefits (see our previous article) and to prevent any nasty surprises. Let’s delve into the Yelo knowledge bank to see what it takes to make a successful modular project and…

MMC | Modular Construction – What and Why


Factory built housing (or modular housing) refers to homes which are constructed off-site, usually bespoke made in specialist factories, and then delivered to site and assembled. Developers and house builders are investing more and more into this process and therefore modular construction is becoming much more commonplace. Modular Housing has historically been associated with concerns…

sussex architects planning approved for Hove

Planning submitted for large residential development on car garage site


Yelo Architects have submitted planning for this large residential 148 unit scheme in Hove. Currently a car dealership we have proposed three residential blocks of 11, 8 and 4 storeys with 1,100m2 of office space on the ground floor. The dwellings will be a mix of 1 bed, 2 bed, and 3 bed dwellings, of which…

Mates in Business Christmas Lunch


Mates in Business closes the year with our early Christmas lunch at Murmur. Relaunched in early 2018 by our director, Andy, Mates in Business brings a variety of construction professionals together in a relaxed lunch setting – there are no elevator pitches, sponsorships or name badges. Attendees meet four times a year and include around…

2018 Annual Design Trip


The Yelo team spent last Thursday on a design trip to visit an assortment of architecture in London. During the morning we were lucky enough to tour Carmody Groarke’s Highgate House, where the owner previously studied architecture with our director, Andy. Afterwards we made our way towards Hyde Park to visit the Frida Escobedo’s Serpentine Pavilion, Jean…