Architecture & Design Crunch – Ellen


On a daily basis I travel throughout the internet looking for digital content, architecture and relevant links. During my travels I come across a wide variety of unique and brilliant creations from thought-provoking architecture and up-coming architects to the worlds smallest 3D Printing pen. As Yelo’s digital marketer I post a great deal of this content across Yelo’s social media sites and so I have decided to compile some of my favourite finds into a bite-sized blog post.

The Thorncrown Chapel

This brilliant piece of architecture is designed by architect E. Fay Jones – an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright. Amongst the forests of Eureka Springs in Arkansas the Thorncrown Chapel is located. It’s used from weddings and Sunday Services, but most people use it simply as a great place to sit and think.


LIX 3D-Printing Pen

LIX is the latest contender in the handheld 3D-printing field. The developers say the super compact design is smaller than any other pen on the market and it can even be powered by the electricity from a USB port. According to LIX After turning it on it takes less than a minute to heat up and you’re ready to start creating vertical illustrations.


Monument Vally

Monument Vally is one of the best compact games I’ve played this year. Monument Valley is a gorgeously designed puzzle game for iOS and Android, a game in which the player is require to navigate an M.C Escher-esque word of impossible architecture. If you love intuitive design, art or architecture I highly recommend you give this game a try.


Playing Arts

Playing cards they may be but I doubt you’ll find a more beautifully designed deck of cards without a struggle. Each card is individually designed by one of the 54 selected international artists in their distinct style and technique.