Best Breakfast!


This year Yelo Architects are sponsoring the ‘Best Breakfast’ category in the Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Awards (and Andy Parsons is judging it too, tough job!) 

We love our food so we thought it would be fun to ask everyone here at Yelo their favourite breakfasts.

Ellen – Digital Marketer

“It’s only a best breakfast if it’s a double breakfast! Preferably consisting of a seemingly endless helping of bacon.” 

Andy – Director and Founder

“I love a huevos rancheros (Mexican breakfast) – tomatoes, red peppers, onion, chilli, smoked paprika and coriander cooked together with a couple of organic eggs poached in it and some homemade corn tortillas to mop it all up and a strong black coffee to drink.”

Alitsia – Part 1 Architect 

“Best breakfast… must be a freshly made greek bouggatsa, which is a phyllo pastry filled with sweet cream, cinnamon and a dash of icing sugar!”

Mike – Finance Director

“My favourite breakfast is two poached eggs served on toasted crumpets. When you cut the egg the yolk runs through and into the holes in the crumpet. Lovely.”

Hannah – Office Manger

“The most memorable breakfast was hot banana pancakes and steaming tea made on a camp fire  at 5am on the mind blowing salt flats in Bolivia, tasted amazing but the scenery helped!” 

Matt – Senior Technician 

“Bubble and squeak, crispy bacon, two fried duck eggs. 

Tom – Graduate Technician 

“Can’t beat a good old fashioned bacon sandwich with ketchup.”

Michael – Part 2 Architect

“I would have to go for a Full English but with loads of extra trimmings like black pudding, hash browns and some fried bread. All with a glass of orange juice as you need something vaguely healthy after all that!”

Josh – Part 1 Architect

“Buttered Croissant, pain au chocolate and a crispy baguette with jam.”

Dan – Architect

“American blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and a dusting of cinnamon and icing sugar.”

Jo – Practice Manager / Business Development

“That’s a tough one, I do love a good old fashioned fry up but I think if pushed it would have to be a toasted bagel with scrambled egg, smoked salmon, loads of black pepper and a wedge of lemon. Yum.”

Karin – Interior Architect 

“I will never say no to some fluffy american pancakes, ideally with loads of maple syrup, scrambled eggs and fried bacon. Its everything good on one plate, sweet, salty and savoury!”


You can nominate your favourite Brighton & Hove based businesses in any or all of the categories on the Brighton Food Festival Website.