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In current times the use of white render isn’t uncommon and is often used locally – being found on contemporary buildings throughout Brighton. But, unlike Brighton’s traditional Regency architecture that uses a stucco render to ensure its cleanliness, modern render is prone to staining – especially so in Brighton due to it’s harsh seaside climate. It seems then, that Brighton architects and architects situated in seaside locations may need to consider alternative facade methods. We like to use other materials that are better suited for Brighton and that often allows the incorporation of a little colour.

Brighton Architects Incorporating Colour

The incorporation of colour – bold colour – in architecture can be a powerful asset in enhancing a building’s ability to stand out in both a person’s memory and its surrounding. However, some architects including that of Brighton still seem quite reluctant, if not a little dubious of colour and will often resort to the default of using methods such as white render, stone and wood.

Yelo have just gained a planning consent  for a residential building on Elder Place situated behind Brighton’s London Road. The decision was made to incorporate a solid bright yellow tone to set the building aside from its surroundings and enhance it visually. It’s this simple method that has turned what would have been quite a conventional contemporary building, into something more unique and appealing and ultimately more resilient.

Below is a selection of examples of  how colour has been best used by architects from around the world to create striking and memorable outcomes.

blog 241114f blog 241114eBishan Public Library, Singapore


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Heliópolis Social Housing in São Paulo, Brazil


blog 241114b blog 241114a

Novancia (ADVANCIA) Business School, Paris