Yelo at For the Birds


Yesterevening Yelo took part in a night-time woodland adventure exploring the “For the Birds”, an outdoor art experience composed of visual and auditory installations to make an immersive experience.

After disembarking from our Big Lemon coach we milled around the entrance of the secret woodland location, waiting for the last remnants of sunlight to disappear – the best way to enjoy the audiovisual event is in complete darkness. As the shroud finally descended we were led by a long trail of lights to the wooded entrance and set out on our 2 hour journey.

A number of individual installations formed the overall art piece; our mile walk ranged from colourful birds whimsically whizzing overhead to ominous forms squatting on gnarled branches, cawing menacingly. The lighting of the surrounding settings and art pieces was incredibly ethereal, as were the musical sounds of birds that seemingly leapt and darted around you.

Such an experience is extremely hard to put into words and equally difficult to convey in static images, but hopefully these go some way in capturing some of the magic present that night! The beauty and organised cacophony of the event is a real testament to the skills of the artists and Jony Easterby, lead artist and producer of For the Birds.

For further information on the background of the event an interview with Jony Easterby can be found here.