Health & wellbeing bonus plan


The new year often begins with a battle of diving back into work and wrestling with resolutions. To help alleviate this and give everyone a boost we’ve created a healthy bonus plan for the office for January, which will evolve as we progress through the year.

We’ve partnered up with some of our local friends to offer everyone a selection of bonuses, of which everyone can select two. Massages, acupuncture treatments, personal training sessions, juice detoxes and free healthy lunches are all on the list!

Alongside these we will have monthly staff healthy lunches, and a range of sessions from professionals regarding productivity, health and wellbeing. Everyone also has the option of booking a couple of extra hours off to extend their lunch break, come in late or leave early.

We all can’t wait for our bonuses and we look forward to how we can build on this plan in the future.

A big thank you to our following friends for assisting us with this!
Eat Naked
The Treatment Rooms
Suzy Walton
Stephen Lock, acupuncturist