Introduce yourself: Michael


Yelo Architects’ Michael Pirrie

Role: Part 2 Architectural assistant

Currently working on: 

Feasibility study for changing an existing tower to a mixed use development and a private residential project

Outside of work: 

Finding my way round Brighton having just moved here last month!

Doing before: 

Graduated this year from University of Sheffield with Masters of Architecture (Part 2)

Previous projects worked on: 

-Refurbishment of Landeskogen Peace Centre in Norway for Travel for Peace

-Education projects and residential schemes for Hampshire County Council

Favourite Architect:

Lacton & Vassal

I admire Lacton & Vassal for their sensitive and austere architecture. They maintain that ninety percent of the architecture is already there and work hard to squeeze the most out of every project; while still providing a strong lasting legacy that the user has great control over.

For me it is a highly intelligent architecture born out of deep thought for the context and the user. Their projects celebrate a simple material palette, creating generous spaces, that poses new thought on the existing building. Their work highlights the unique skill of the architect as the thinker on a project, at every stage they push the regulations to develop an effective but beautifully designed architecture.

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