London Office Trip


The Yelo Office took an exciting and awe-inspiring trip down to London on Friday. We set out originally to go and see the Olympic Park which was the highlight of the day. We all went up the ArcelorMittal Orbit, and the tour guide explained to us how the architect wanted to create a transition from light to dark. You started at the bottom, and then once you reach the top you ‘find the light’. There was an option between taking the stairs (which was 400 steps) or a lift that takes you straight to the top. Most of us took the lift! Although for those who did take the stairs, there was an interesting feature whilst you are walking down, as they have speakers amplifying London’s soundscape; the sounds of haggling in the market, sounds of the shore, transport and it’s busy streets.

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ArcelorMittal Orbit  –  Photography by James Thompson

The aquatic centre made us all gasp, you would not believe the detail and perfection of this building. We all agreed that it has been one of the most impressive builds that we have seen. It’s modernistic design really complimented the urban landscape, not to mention the uniqueness of the whole design.

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Aquatic Centre  –  Photography by James Thompson

Andy, the director here at Yelo Architects generously took all of us for a delicious meal in Apulia Restaurant. The food was impeccable, friendly staff and generally an all-round nice venue. The table was rather small, but it’s cosiness is what made it all the better. We all believe that this meal was well deserved, and of course the wine!

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Last but not least, we visited the Barbican, and what a sight that was. It was turning into a chilly winters evening, with the sun almost down. The light that was reflecting on the buildings from the sky was perfect, and it really showed the true texture on the concrete designs. It’s like entering a different world, all of us thoroughly enjoyed it!

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Barbican  –  Photography by James Thompson