Love Architecture Festival and the Paper Haus

Earlier in the Summer Yelo teamed up with Threshold Architecture Hub to create various projects for the Love Architecture Festival. Yelo presented a solution to housing shortage in the city. Using old copies of the Argus newspaper, a temporary pied-a-terre was built into a parking space in the car park below myHotel. The 12 metre-square restrictions managed to house cooking, living, washing and sleeping facilities in a bid to demonstrate the possibilities of living well within tight space restrictions, and in turn illustrating the companies slogan, “good design solves everything”. This comes as a response to Brighton Council’s stipulation that all new build, one bedroom flats must be at least 51 square metres. With space in this city for new homes reaching its limit, its vital that what is there is used intelligently and it is Yelo’s belief that beautiful, desirable homes can be built on much less. This project took inspiration from the growing trend in New York for one-bedroom micro-apartments that are between 25 to 35 square-metres. In this city where space is far more pushed than Brighton, urban planners and architects have been working alongside the district councils to develop new smart, efficient housing that responds to the city’s changing demographic, and to positive response.
Yelo’s Paper Haus was constructed from sheets of attached newspaper to create walls, and stacks of assembled newspaper formed furniture, with homely details in gold old papier-mache. Although not entirely weather proof, the design held an important message – space is valuable and even when at a shortage, desirable homes can be created for people if used intelligently.