trees to be put in model

Model Making


Making models helps a lot with the visualisation of projects, showing the client and other parties what the end result will be. Here Alitsia has made a 1:200 scale model of our Ring Road project to show to the client and the local council, which after being presented to the planning committee successfully granted us planning permission for the two houses. Laser cutting was used to provide accurate dimensions of the project and the surrounding area, including the elevation of the terrain.

Alitsia writes:

Building physical models is very satisfying for me – not just as an architect but as an artistic person; I like the change from working digitally. This was the first time I’ve used laser cutting in one of my projects and though it was very accurate the sheer amount of pieces involved meant it was extremely time consuming to sort through and stick together. Making a model look simple and accurate often requires much a lot more effort than one would expect!

More about the project here

Alitsia working on model with different stages Ring road scale model