Modern Sustainable Architecture


Sustainable architecture is a form of architecture that incorporates a design that is environmentally friendly and built to be sustainable. The buildings are created to help decrease the impact that they have on the landscape and the environment and the materials that are used to build them are also derived from economically friendly sources. The idea of these properties is that they are sustainable, energy efficient and make the most of the space in which they are built. They are considered to be homes of the future and are becoming increasingly popular.

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The energy efficiency of a modern sustainable architect build is more than likely the most important issue that architects will face, and in a struggling economy people want to save money in areas where they have large expenditures. The new build will need cost effective and efficient heating and ventilation. For an efficient building it will require less heating which will save energy. There are many off the shelf recycling technologies available that can re-use energy wasted from waste hot water that can be transferred into the energy required for incoming cold water. Buildings will use solar panels in order to harness the energy of the sun. The solar energy can be used to heat water as well as heat the home, this can be enhanced by the use of solar shading by means of awnings, blinds or shutters. Windows are fitted to maximize the capture of heat creating light while stopping heat escape. Windows may be fitted so that they mostly face south so that they can collect the most amount of direct sun and the windows may contain gasses and special coatings in order to help insulate the house.

The materials from which the property is built will consist of mainly sustainable materials and they can come in many types.  Recycled materials will often be used and it has been known that the outer walls of house have been built with hollow polystyrene and then filled with concrete therefore minimising the amount of bricks used, which has an environmental knock effect as this limits the amount of travel and production of these materials. Glass will be re-used and sustainably harvested wood included in the build. Materials may be used from the immediate environment, maybe the ground upon which the development was built. All pipework within the house could consist of mainly reclaimed copper and insulation could be derived from low volatile organic compounds.

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Waste management is also high on the agenda when it comes to sustainable buildings, waste usually costs money so to keep this down is an important factor. Waste water can be used for gardens or toilets with grey water recycling and food waste can be composted. A lot of waste material can be re-used in one way or another. Modern architects in East Sussex will be able to take care of all needs when it comes to designing modern sustainable architect builds, with all aspects of sustainable living in mind a true sustainable project can be achieved.