sussex architects planning approved for Hove

Planning submitted for large residential development on car garage site


Yelo Architects have submitted planning for this large residential 148 unit scheme in Hove.

Currently a car dealership we have proposed three residential blocks of 11, 8 and 4 storeys with 1,100m2 of office space on the ground floor. The dwellings will be a mix of 1 bed, 2 bed, and 3 bed dwellings, of which 35% will be designated as affordable housing. The exterior landscaping has been designed by Nicholas Dexter Studios to be a mix of recreational space, including a cafe, and pedestrian routes.

Having been a motor dealership for 40 years the site is now a prime location for redevelopment and is intended to act as a catalyst for a new residential quarter in Hove, providing much-needed homes in the area. The recently completed adjacent site was designed by Yelo and provides 65 new homes. We have designed our scheme with the wider (Hove Station) masterplan in mind – though different in design we have extracted and developed the concept of pedestrian permeability, and arranged routes to the north and east of the site for when future and current neighbouring developments are complete.



The scheme went through multiple design stages to address the needs of all interested parties, resulting in the maximum height fluctuating between 16 and 11 storeys. The design now peaks at 11 storeys, an appropriate height for the area which is in a designated tall building area of the city. The massing is strategically weighted to ensure that the higher elements are set back from street level to soften the impact at street level and to any buildings opposite.

The materials predominantly consist of light buff brick and bronze/gold metal which will ensure a light and contemporary feel to the development that will complement the central green open space. Angled glass and perforated metal balconies add colour and vibrancy to the facade.


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