251 Preston Road

Preston Road, Brighton
Client: Southern Housing Group
Value: £6m
Scale: 22 apartments & 6 houses
Status: On site

This former children’s home is located within a conservation area and required special consideration to create a scheme that did not detract from the existing Victorian villas on site.

As such we restored and renovated the historic villas and replaced the outdated 1950s link block between the two with a simpler, timeless design. 22 apartments have been created within the villas and new link block.

At the rear of the site 6 new houses have been constructed, each with rear gardens and inner courtyards which pull light down through the building. Overall the scheme provides 28 new homes, of which 40% will be affordable housing.

The spacing between the houses and villas allowed us to incorporate a generous landscaping plan designed by Nick Dexter Studio. It includes communal garden plots and pockets of wild planting to create a much more enjoyable setting for residents than the usual generic landscaping found in residential developments.


Images courtesy of Southern Housing Group
Landscape design by  nd:studio