251 Preston Road

Preston Road, Brighton
Client: Southern Housing Group
Value: £5m
Scale: 22 apartments & 6 houses
Status: On site

This former children’s home has been empty for several years and was in need of a new plan to redevelop the site.

As it is within a conservation area we decided to sensitively convert the existing Victorian villas and remove poorly conceived historic extensions. In the 1950’s a link building was added between the villas and we decided to replace this with a contemporary brick building providing additional apartments.

Within the extensive grounds we placed 6 family houses that form an edge to the communal gardens. The houses each have an inner courtyard that pulls light down through the building and ensures windows are directed away from the surrounding neighbours.

By refining the proposed materials down to a minimal palette we have been able to increase the specification of materials to include ‘roman’ linear bricks and brass screens and railings making this affordable scheme very high quality.

We are using contemporary bricks on the new buildings and adding a high level of detail that is revealed when the buildings are closely studied. The houses have projecting brick headers providing a visual texture as well as reveals and soffits also detailed in brick. The apartment block mixes vertical and horizontal brick coursing to create a considered brickwork pattern.


Images courtesy of Southern Housing Group
Landscape design by  nd:studio