Ainsworth Avenue

Ainsworth Avenue,
Client: Private
Status: Planning approved

We have received planning approval for a 2 storey four-bedroom dwelling in a quiet residential area in Ovingdean, which will be surrounded by spectacular views of the downs and the sea.

The nearby dwellings are mostly single storey buildings, so we are burying the 2 storey house slightly into the sloping ground to match the heights of the neighbouring properties. Similar materials and sympathetic features, such as a pitched roof to mimic the slopes of the downs, will ensure the dwelling further compliments its surroundings.

Inside, a well lit entrance hall will lead into the expansive open plan living and kitchen area, which in turn leads on to a generous external terrace. This access, alongside a large kitchen window, will provide the living area with ample natural light. Three bedrooms are located on the bottom storey away from street level to maximise privacy and peacefulness.

As well as the outdoor terrace residents will also have access to a carport and rear garden.