Capers, Burgess Hill, West Sussex
Status: Planning consented

Capers is a 3 bedroom eco house built alongside a bungalow in what is currently the garden space. It is sunken 1 meter below the existing ground plane in order to pose minimal impact on the street view. The entrance to the dwelling and ground floor will be accessed by a ramp at the front of the the house, as well as by stairs leading up to the garden at the rear.

The overall height of the bungalow therefore will be similar to the first floor level of surrounding dwellings, allowing neighbours to maintain their views and sunlight throughout the day. This will offer increased privacy for both the new and surrounding dwellings in comparison to a new dwelling of equal higher to it’s context.

The new dwelling will be timber clad with slats placed in alternate directions on the two different modules of the buildings. The front facade on the west elevation will differentiate from the other elevations through the installation of a living green wall. A green roof will cover the whole dwelling, accompanied by roof lights to bring light into the 3 bedrooms. Folding doors will be placed on the rear facade to take advantage of the daylight and to bring more light into the spaces.