Charlotte Street

Charlotte Street, Brighton
Client: Baobab Developments

This residence in Brighton was formerly in a state of disrepair. Yelo Architects were tasked by property developers Baobab Developments to transform the house into a high end residence with minimalist interior. Works involved completely modifying each floor layout to create functional spaces for the client’s needs and relocating staircases. 

A material palette of mostly plywood, marble and white paint was used to keep the light and contemporary aesthetic consistent throughout the house.

As the house has a long narrow form and enclosed on three sides the provision of natural light was fundamental for the comfort of the inhabitants. By incorporating floor to ceiling windows on walls surrounding the garden and terrace and using large windows throughout the house we were able to maximise natural light into all the spaces. Bespoke lighting features were also designed to provide softer diffused light. This includes concealed LED strip lighting embedded in the staircase recessed handrail and structural beam in the master bedroom.

The custom made plywood staircase was designed by Grain Furniture, who created a curved wood solution to flawlessly complement the contemporary interior theme. Grain Furniture also fabricated all the custom joinery designed by Zetter Blunt Design. Artists Art+Believe were commissioned to create the vibrant mural on the garden wall.

Photography by Richard Chivers