Church hall competition

Scale: Extension and renovation
Status: Competition proposal

Yelo were selected to take part in a competition to improve and build on an existing church community space. We presented a proposal that revitalised the existing interior space and created a new rear extension to replace the existing poor quality one.

A large part of our designs were informed by the need for flexible space that could be used by different groups at different times but that would cater to them all. As such we envisioned an array of interior space that could be opened up and linked, or partitioned off depending on requirements. This included a cafe/co-working space and a double height hall with mezzanine level that could be used as viewing or event space.

We also recognised the importance of the exterior features and aesthetic of the building. A new minimal entrance was designed for access from the main street, while a new main entrance was added at the proposed rear extension, with signage indicating the way. The separate entrances allowed the building to retain its conservative presence in a historic street while providing larger access off street to avoid pedestrian congestion. A large planter was introduced that overlapped with the vehicular access road, forcing traffic to naturally slow down.