Dealership development

Client: Private
Scale: 148 units, 976m² commercial space
Status: In planning

This redevelopment of a car dealership is a predominantly residential scheme which includes affordable housing units, ground floor commercial space and bespoke landscaping including a cafe.

We have developed our proposal to reflect the character of the site and neighbouring developments, using complementary materials and being respective of height. Our design gradually steps up in height to soften the visual impact of the buildings, with the tallest 11 storey section positioned away from the surrounding residences and closer to the facing industrial warehouse buildings. Buff brick and burnished gold form the facade of the building.

The public open space consists of a mixture of soft and hard landscaping and is placed so as to provide a pleasant outlook for the residents/introduce light into the blocks and also provide amenity space.

Images by Yelo Architects, landscape plan by Nicholas Dexter Studio