Eaton Place

Kemptown, Brighton
Scale: 2 houses
 In planning

This scheme involves the erection of two 3 bedroom houses on a site currently occupied by a vacant single storey building. The three storey houses will sit at a lower level than the immediate surrounding properties whilst taking design cues from nearby buildings to fit within the street scene.

Both dwellings will offer a large open plan living space on the first floor where a greater amount of natural light can enter compared to the ground floor. Each house will have two bedrooms on the ground floor, one of which will lead out to a private courtyard, and a shared WC. The courtyards will provide amenity space within an urban plot and space to store two bicycles per household.

Careful consideration has been taken into the proportions and material of the building as it is located in a residential area with pronounced architecture character. Certain features have been replicated form nearby buildings such as the window traditional style and stone surrounds.