Highland Road

Highland Road, Portsmouth
Client: Protodale
Value: £1.5m
Scale: 7 houses
Status: Complete

A regeneration project giving new life to a contaminated former garage site and providing an appropriate use to complement the surrounding houses. Seven 3 bedroom dwellings have now been build, of which 3 are detached and 4 semi-detached. All of the dwellings enjoy generous private gardens and private car parking spaces.

We used a material palette of 2 types of brick, a brown brick and a light cream stock brick, as well as pigmented zinc. The materials are used in such a way to create a visual interest on the facades, that is consistent across all units, yet creates a vibrant and textured scheme. Recessed brickwork and changes in brick colour create depth and shadow, whilst the manner of materials reflect the domestic nature and scale of the development.

The scale of the buildings has been designed to ensure they fit respectfully into their surroundings.