Montefiore Road

Montefiore Road, Hove
Client: South Bank Estates
Value: £1.6m
Scale: 10 apartments
Status: Completed

This site was formerly a mortuary building and we were approached by the owners as they required an architect to produce the building regulations and construction package for the scheme they had planning permission for.

The project involved three separate parts – conversion of the existing office/mortuary building, a new build extension and a new build house (see here). All were architecturally designed to change the rather drab existing building into a cohesive contemporary development.

The development was quite complex, not only because it was three separate projects combined but the existing building had a lot of asbestos and some quite unpleasant contamination from its former use. In addition the site was triangular, compact and bordered by a busy road, a hospital, a railway line and an electrical substation.

As experienced delivery architects Yelo reviewed the planning package and optimised the scheme for the build phase. For the new house we felt we could increase the size of the house and improve its overall appearance so after some initial sketch proposals we submitted the new scheme for planning approval. We also discharged the planning conditions for the rest of the project.

It was important for the whole development to look new so we proposed retrofitting the existing building by over-cladding it with new insulation and white render, all new windows and a new top floor clad predominantly in zinc.

With the extension also clad in zinc and a new glazed staircase forming the link between the two the overall building appeared new.

Other subtle but important details included a new entrance and canopy, semi enclosed balconies that provided sheltered amenity space and were generous in size to allow planting.

The overall project was delivered to an efficient budget but still delivered a high end contemporary development.

Original planning design by Turner Associates

Photography by Jim Stephenson