Newtown Road

Newtown Road, Hove
Client: The Hyde Group
Value: £9m
Scale: 59 apartments, 6 houses
Status: Complete

The surrounding of area of this scheme has been undergoing gradual regeneration and the site owners wanted to create a scheme that would act as a catalyst for further substantial regeneration. Since completion of the scheme the immediate neighbouring sites have been earmarked for development.

The project consists of one apartment block and 6 terraced houses to provide 65 new homes. The main building houses 59 apartments and is designed with a single core. The use of one core allows for a much more efficient layout and maximises homes per floor. Residents arrive to a double height lobby that has views through to a courtyard space. Six 3 bedroom terraced houses are built perpendicular to the main block and benefit from large front and back gardens, with space off road for parking two cars.

The site specific design focuses on form and materials, allowing for all the new homes to benefit from maximum daylight and natural ventilation. This prevents the need for air-conditioning and reduces the use of artificial lighting, which in turn decreases the running costs of the buildings. The efficiency continues with the apartment layouts stacking up throughout the building, reducing the number of flat types and the overall build cost.