87 Preston Road

87 Preston Road, Brighton
Scale: 25 apartments
Status: Planning approved

Built in the 1870s, 87 Preston Road has been used as educational premises since its opening but is now empty following City College’s relocation. We aim to sensitively repair this building of local historic interest, restoring its distinctive historical character, and convert it into a residential scheme consisting of 25 apartments with mezzanine levels. This will be composed of 10 one bedroom flats, 11 two bedroom flats and 4 three bedroom flats.

The proposal does not alter the scale of the existing building but includes a rear infill to accommodate an additional flat. A full width balcony sits in line with the building’s existing facade and ensures the infill is subservient to the existing building.

External renovations will include replacing the poor condition windows, replacing and relocating pipework to minimise visual impact on the exterior of the building, and restoring the original school bell. The existing pre-fabricated building at the rear of the site will be removed as it has a detrimental effect on the main building, making space for private terraces for the ground level apartments and a larger green communal space for all the residents. Cycle storage at the rear of the communal space will provide space for 24 bikes with additional private spaces provided within the ground floor rear flat gardens.

Images by Yelo Architects