Sackville Tower

Sackville Tower, Kingsway, Hove
Client: The Hyde Group
Value: £20m
Scale: 98 apartments
Status: Developed design

Brighton is in the grips of a major housing crisis and requires 30,000 new homes to meet the predicted housing demand. Inevitably with a geographically constrained city new developments will be denser and taller in certain areas like the seafront.

Our proposal for this site endeavours to demonstrate that tall buildings in Brighton need to be architecturally significant and also sustainable. Our extensive design development phase drew inspiration from the surrounding conservation area by recording, interpreting and reinventing key historical features. These elements then formed the aesthetics of the tower but in a contemporary way.

Efficient layout is key to a tall building and the floor plates stack vertically; however, in order to give the tower its distinctive twist, the outer 2m of each floor rotates at each level moving the balconies around one segment each time.

The tower is inherently sustainable and actually generates more energy that it uses. In the basement there is a centralised heat and power plant providing energy for all 98 apartments. In addition every balcony has solar panels within the glass that means the tower would generate 110Mwh of energy per annum.

Images by Troopers Hill Visualisation and Design