Ship Street

Ship Street, Brighton
Status: Planning approved

We have designed the redevelopment of an existing office building to residences, with new office space provided in a new rear 3 storey extension on the rear car park. The completed scheme will deliver 7 residential units in place of the existing commercial space and provide 170m² of office space in the new space.

Our proposal will see the existing front facade of the building altered to fit into the street scene seamlessly. The current uncharacteristic butterfly roof will be replaced with a mansard roof and the facade will be renovated using materials that match the existing. A new gate providing access to the new build will be the only deviation from the traditional materials, and will feature a gold aluminium cladding design.

Though the new extension will not be visible from the street view there were a number of factors that limited what could be achieved on site, such as potential overlooking issues from neighbouring terraces and windows, as well as right of light concerns. The resulting form has been designed with this in mind, and maximises natural light entering the space through strategic placement of skylights and large windows. The facade is informed by the site’s history – the proposed red brick and gold aluminium cladding is reflective of the materials and nature of the previous resident from in the mid 1940s, Doris Watson’s Pearl and Bead Threader.

A green wall has been added to further increase the vibrance of the site and a lighting strategy design has been developed to create a high quality pedestrian experience for those accessing the site.