Roman Road

Roman Road, Hove
Client: W. Stirland
Value: Confidential
Status: Complete

This site was formerly a garage used until 2003. A number of planning applications for redevelopment were put in until the building was demolished in 2003. More applications were rejected until 2011 when a mixed use scheme was approved, of which only half was built. Yelo were brought in to create a mixed use development that would complement the previous half-built development.

We have designed a development sympathetic to its neighbouring building by replicating the typical architectural elements such as the balconies, windows and general facade variation. The material palette also matches with the next door development with some key differences to form its own separate identity.

279m² of the overall 997m² consist of office space, predominately located on the first floor. The first and second floors house 8 flats, with 2×1 bedrooms and 2×2 bedrooms on each floor.

Images by Yelo Architects