Wayland Avenue

East Sussex
Client: Private
Status: On site

We have designed alterations to an existing single storey house to increase the space and create a modern residence for our client. The roof of the existing building is in a state of disrepair and in desperate need of replacement. We are re-cladding the building with contemporary materials, replacing the pitched roof with a flat roof, and making internal alterations as part of a high quality scheme.

One of the main design concepts is to unify both indoor and outdoor spaces. Decking towards the front and rear will maximise the large amenity space that surrounds the property, along with an enclosed garden to the north side of the site. The majority of the trees will be retained to maintain the visual screen between the site and the surrounding properties.

We have taken a fabric first approach to the design. All materials
introduced to the property will have excellent thermal performance. The airtight envelope and abundant amounts of insulation will ensure the building performs highly in terms of energy efficiency.