Wayland Avenue

East Sussex
Client: Private
Status: Planning approved, out to tender

We designed a complete transformation of an existing single storey house to increase space and make a modern home for our client.

The home had to remain single storey in order to not have an adverse impact on the neighbouring properties, although we raised the ceiling height to just over 3m in the main open plan living space and introduced high level glazing that wrapped around the whole space to really brighten the space. Folding doors and full height windows helped connect the outdoor and indoor spaces and further the feeling of space.

The majority of the trees will be retained to maintain the visual screen between the site and the surrounding properties.

We have used Insulated Concrete Formwork to create the outer walls, resulting in a very energy efficient building envelope. The internal walls are traditional blockwork in order to maximise internal floor area – the thickness of ICF walls would have impacted the overall internal area. By strategically using different wall types we struck the perfect balance for maximising area and