Refurbishment of stunning flat in Hove belonging to Jennifer Worth, writer of ‘Call the Midwife”


A project Yelo have recently embarked on is a redevelopment of a flat previously owned by Jennifer Worth, writer of the memoirs on which the BBC series Call The Midwife are based. Worth, who passed away in 2011, used Brighton as a place of escape and it was in this flat that she wrote her memoirs that the television series are based on. Her property is situated in an Victorian building in on Grand Avenue in Hove that previously belonged to The Shoolbred family before it was renovated into individual flats in the 1930s. The Shoolbreds established one of the first great department stores in London, selling textiles, clothing, furniture and decorations. They became increasingly wealthy throughout the late 19th and early 20th century until the crash of the late 1920s. The family used this property as one of their holiday homes in Brighton, catering for their large family and looked after by 8 servants. Since its division into separate flats, Worth’s home managed to retain many of its stunning original features such as the oak panelling, wall tapestries, floor tiles and plaster cornicing that originated from its days as the previous houses’ billiards room. The new owner is sensitively developing the property into a two-bedroom flat whilst retaining as many of these original features and details as possible.