Supporting The Big Lemon


As sponsors of The Big Lemon’s latest green scheme we attended the launch of their two new electric buses and unveiling of their solar panel roof.

The Big Lemon have made a big impact in Brighton and Sussex, providing environmentally friendly public and private transport with their fleet of buses that run on cooking oil collected from local restaurants. Now in their 10th year of operating, The Big Lemon are expanding their fleet with two electric additions which will be powered by solar panels on the roof of the bus depot – making them the first solar powered buses in the UK!

This project was part funded by the M&S Community Energy Fund after the project won a regional M&S Energy Award, and part funded by crowdfunding. Yelo are one of a number of companies who have sponsored the solar panel roof to power the new buses. We applaud The Big Lemon’s drive and commitment to deliver environmentally sustainable services and look forward to getting involved with similar projects in the future!

Read The Big Lemon’s newsletter about the launch here