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Defining what the difference is between modern and contemporary architecture is almost impossible. Added to this that there is both interior and exterior architecture, and the lines between the two become even more blurred. Sussex architects often have what is known as a modern contemporary architect practice, so people don’t have to worry about knowing the difference.

There are a few views on it, however, in particular when it comes to exterior architecture.

Exterior Architecture

In terms of exterior architecture, modern describes that it embodies the age of the machines. It doesn’t have ornaments, uses mainly concrete and steel in its construction and large sheets of glass. Indeed, it is all about creating a minimalist experience from the outside.

Contemporary, on the other hand, doesn’t really follow a certain style or strain. Contemporary is more about the fact that it is done now, rather than that it is done in a certain way. As such, it is a pluralistic definition. Someone could create a property in a Victorian style, but because they have done it now, it would still be contemporary. Following this, a building can be both modern and contemporary.

Interior Architecture

In terms of interior architecture, the lines are a bit more difficult to define. It is perhaps easier to look at a number of examples of both to help highlight what falls into the realm of contemporary, and what falls in the realm of modern.

Modern examples include:

• Glass boxes, where rooms are surrounded by glass, exposing a few wooden beams here and there, although some also use steel.

• Steel beams and columns, steel joists and rigid, grid-like constructions, intersected with skylights.

• The creation of grids from different materials, including steel, wood and glass.

• Minimalism all through the property, including the floor, ceiling and windows.

Contemporary examples include:

• More mixes of materials inside the property, including wood, glass, concrete and more.

Often, one of the materials stands out. A property may be made mainly out of steel and glass, but have wooden beams and a concrete hearth, which really catches the eye. Also, it is important that the different materials don’t follow the form of the structure. Hence,
a bended beam looks absolutely perfect. Within contemporary design, it is about departing from order.

• There are a lot of playful details in contemporary homes. For instance, you will find a wall that sticks out over baseboards, or that ceilings use overlapping planes at strange angles. The effect is that of a sculpture, something artistic. You may also find a square skylight set off by a round column, for instance.

As you can see, the difference between the two is there, but it may sometimes be hard to identify. This is mainly due to the fact that both styles tend to use the same type of materials in the construction of their homes. Generally speaking, however, modern architecture is more about the straight lines and grids, whereas contemporary is a lot more playful and loose. However, they are both very minimalistic, and you will be forgiven for mixing the two up.

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