What is the RIBA Plan of Work?


Created by RIBAinternationally recognised professional body for architects in the UK, the RIBA Plan of Work organises the construction process into 8 stages and breaks down those stages into separate tasks and outcomes. 


The 8 RIBA Stages


Architects and others in the construction industry use the Plan of Work as a framework to adhere to from a projects conception to completion. A benefit for clients is that having clearly defined stages and milestones makes it simpler to agree on deliverables and fees.

In addition, knowing the Plan of Work will allow clients to precisely establish the scope of work they require and then effectively monitor the project as it progresses. Therefore if you’re about to embark on an architectural project it’s worth familiarising yourself with the plan.

The official plan is available online for all to utilise but we’ve also produced our own client-friendly version outlining our work as architectsFee percentages have been estimated alongside each stage, and generally reflect the amount of work each stage is in relation to the overall work. 


Please bear in mind this is a general work plan tailored for Yelo Architects!